A motorsport proposal template won’t be for everyone. For those of you that have your email pitches down to a tee, and have a little bit of design knowledge, a template might be a little pointless.

Racing Mentor offers a motorsport proposal template that’s editable in Keynote and PowerPoint but it’s not for everyone. Here’s what it gives you:

  • The basic flow of a stand-out proposal
  • Design cues
  • An editable file
  • A companion document that will help you fill out each section
  • Guidance of speaking to a business’ goals

What it’s not:

  • A file that should be used as-is
  • A replacement for your own branding and design style
  • An easy win

While it contains loads of feedback to help you create a proposal that gets you noticed, it’s actually designed to guide you through the process of positioning yourself in a way that’s desirable.

But remember, a great proposal is about so much more than an attractive design.

Ask yourself these questions to see if a proposal template is right for you or if you should have a crack at creating your own.

Do I understand what the goals are of the businesses I’m targeting?

You need to know this to be able to create a compelling case for why a business should sponsor you.

If you know a business has the goal of selling more through social media without using ads then your proposal absolutely needs to address how you might help with this.

Do I understand what benefits I offer to the business?

If you don’t know the difference between features and benefits are then a motorsport proposal template might help you out. The guidance document for our template will help you work out what the business benefits are of hospitality, track days, on-car branding and more.

Do I have a clear brand look and feel?

If you don’t, it might be worth working with a designer to create this as they work on your proposal. This kind of branding will make you more recognisable.

If you already have an established brand including logo, colours, fonts and tone of voice, then a racing proposal template could help you present all this in an attractive and effective way.

Do I have my content all planned out?

If you don’t know what kind of content you’re going to put in your proposal, the Racing Mentor template has guides and sample content to help you get it right.

Sample page from the Racing Mentor proposal template.

Do I know what purpose the proposal will serve?

There are two reasons to have a sponsorship proposal, the first is position yourself as someone who can help a business. This is by far the most useful and engaging type of proposal and the kind the template will help you create.

Think of it more like a sales deck. The kind a marketing agency might present to a client they want to get on board.

The second is a simple showcase of who you are. This is a more simple document that tells your story. It’s a great thing to have but it will not help you secure sponsors on its own. Your pitch emails need to work really hard for you if your proposal doesn’t include any kind of value proposition or information on how you’ll help a business reach its goals.

Can I just get a free template?

Of course you can. There are loads of free sales pitch templates out there and these will help you get the look and feel of your proposal right. If you already have a good handle on the different pages/slides you’ll include and just need help on the design, then a free template will help you get a professional feel without needing to hire a designer.

Should I hire a designer?

If you’re looking to higher-end businesses for sponsorship, consider hiring a designer to produce a proposal that will fit both yours and the business’s brands and include exciting content like mock-ups. This will help you catch the decision maker’s eye but don’t forget just how important content is in all this. You still need to be able to eloquently put your case across in writing.

Have a question? Feel free to email jess@racingmentor.com.

If you’d like to see examples of the pages in the Racing Mentor sponsorship proposal template, take a look here.