I genuinely think that sim racing produces some of the most exciting on-track action out there and instead of having to stand at a cold race track, you can watch it from the comfort of your bedroom.

While the costs of racing a sim car might not always be as high as racing a real-world one, there are still costs involved. A basic sim racing set up might cost you a few hundred pounds but that can reach into thousands for the kind of rigs the professionals use.

Not to mention that fact that some sim platforms (such as iRacing) have a subscription fee, there’s the cost of keeping your computer (or console) up-to-date and you’ll also need a decent internet connection too. Those costs soon mount up so a lot of sim racers are looking to sponsorship to help fund their online racing career.

The short answer is that yes sim racers can get sponsorship.

How it differs from traditional sponsorship

While the go-to industries for many drivers racing in the real world are the motorsport and automotive sectors, that doesn’t always work so well for sim racers. 

You need to look at technology companies and anyone in the games industry because these are going to be the people who share your audience and are excited by what you do.

Product sponsorship

One way to cut down on costs is work with partners on a product sponsorship basis. If you can get computer parts, a wheel, pedals or even a full setup, you’re going to save a lot of money.

You could even seek out service-based sponsorship from an internet service provider or similar.

The rest is the same

Regardless of whether you race online, at your local circuit or all over the world, the process of searching for sponsorship is the same.

It all starts with creating a strong brand and working out what makes you unique. Then you need to identify and research the brands that share your motorsport/gaming/technology audience. From there, it all comes down to crafting the perfect pitch and following up accordingly.

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