Finding time to update your blog can be difficult but, believe me, it’s so much tougher when you don’t know what to write about.

Your blog needs to be so much more than race reports. It needs to show who you are and why you’re special. It’ll be a touchpoint for potential sponsors who want to know more about you and what you can offer.

Creating a steady stream of interesting content can help you reach more people and build a name for yourself.

Here are 20 things you can write about on your blog.

1. Informative content from your sponsors

If you have sponsors who are creating interesting and informative content, offer to host it on your blog. Not only does this help you to build a relationship with an existing sponsor but it gives you easy content to post too.

2. Video race reports and vlogs

If you feel your race reports are getting a little boring, consider doing videos of your race weekends instead. These might be simple commentaries over your in-car footage or you might take the time to film video blogs during your race weekend too.

3. Your fitness routine

If you’re looking for a niche, an easy one is fitness because it can easily relate to your racing. Use your blog as a place to talk about your fitness routine and how you prepare for races. It’s a good draw for any potential sponsors who sell any kind of health or fitness product.

4. How you’re working with sponsors

A great way of showing potential sponsors how you work is to show off how you’re already working with existing sponsors. Make sure you document any sponsor activity from talks to photoshoots to meet and greets.

5. Your morning/pre-race/weekend routine

You have so many routines that you could document to give fans, sponsors and friends an insight into your life as a racing driver. You might do this with a video blog, a series of photos or a simple blog post.

When you get more sponsors on board, you can start to include their products in posts like this.

6. How you hone your racecraft

Videos, photos and updates on your test days will all give people an insight into how you hone your race craft but you can also talk about any mindset and on-track coaching you have too.

7. Photo stories

A photo story works well to mix things up on a blog when you mostly post text. You can use photo stories to showcase a car build, tell the story of your race weekend, introduce a sponsor and so much more.

8. Race car reviews

If you have the pleasure of testing and racing a wealth of different race cars, you should review each one. Talk about the differences between each, what you enjoy about them and where they can be raced. You can also allude to your plans and goals for the future to show any potential sponsors who might be reading what they could be getting involved with.

9. How racing relates to your day job

If you have a day job and can link it to your racing, you can link these two important parts of your life. Not only does this give you an important in with sponsors in your day job’s industry but it also shows you as a normal person, which helps others relate to you.

10. Your journey up the motorsport ladder

A blog post about how you got from grassroots motorsport to where you are now is a good chance to show your experience and dedication.

11. Retro race reviews

Whether you want to review your own early races or more famous ones, this is a good way of showing how much you know about motorsport. If you’re a skilled writer or even commentator, it could open up whole new avenues within your career.

12. News from the series you race in

Give back to the series you race in by sharing its news and updates on your blog. This is easy content and it looks good on you too.

13. Workout gear reviews

If your fitness routine is a big part of your brand, you could use your website much in the way a fitness blogger would. Reviewing workout gear and fitness classes establishes you as an expert in the fitness field, as well as in motorsport.

14. Recipes for fuelling your body

The same goes for how you refuel your body. If you prepare your own meals and keep a close eye on your nutrition, this could be another great thing to post about on your blog.

15. Travel diaries and video photo blogs from international race weekends

If international travel is a big part of your racing career, you should post about it on your blog. There are a few options here if you’d like to go down this route. Simple travel diaries can be very compelling in a motorsport context. You could also review places around the circuits you visit, or post beautiful photo blogs from far away places.

16. How you juggle work and racing

An insight into your personal life can help fans and potential sponsors get to know you. In showing people how your work and racing go together, you can show them what kind of a person you are. Your creativity, productivity, efficiency and passion can come through in these posts.

17. Race car maintenance tips

If you’re very technical then some instructional blog posts on race car maintenance would be a good way to attract more technically-minded followers. This can be done with simple articles or videos.

18. An insight into the high life

If you’ve worked hard to get to the point where you frequently get to live the high life, share it with the world. Everyone loves aspirational content, plus it opens you up for larger sponsorship deals targeting luxury companies.

19. Relaxation techniques

Staying relaxed is especially important during a race weekend but also when you’re searching for sponsors. If you are a picture of calm during a stressful situation, talk about it. People will be dying to hear how you manage it.

20. Mental health advice

If you’ve been through your own mental health struggles, you can talk about it on your blog. Not only is writing about what you’re going through a great healing experience but you could really help people too.

Bonus: Get involved in debates

This is a careful line to tread but if you feel you have a unique insight into a debate, you should share your views. Just make sure you don’t come across as stirring the pot, try to give a genuine point of view from your side of things.

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