Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode forty-five of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to use a press release. In this episode Jess and Toby discuss the best methods for approaching journalists and media outlets with your press release.

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Here are the key talking points:

00:34 – Jess and Toby meet at Brands Hatch

03:04 – Toby’s success with eye-catching branding

05:51 – Toby talks racing results

10:35 – Using a press release after a race weekend

11:25 – Toby explains his post-race PR routine

13:56 – Make it easy, and relevant

16:26 – Make a good first impression, then keep the connection

19:41 – Storytime: Toby tells us about his own experiences with this

21:23 – Jess’s tips for polished networking

25:07 – Learning from rejection and non-publication

26:31 – Toby talks patience and perseverance

28:03 – Jess suggests what to include in your email introduction

32:48 – Repurposing your press release for further content

37:26 – Its over to you! Send us your press release questions and help requests (helloatracingmentor.com)

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