Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode thirty-eight of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: The basics of sponsorship. Jess and Toby look at the fundamentals of successful sponsorship for new drivers, or those wanting a fresh start. Where to begin doesn’t have to be overwhelming: listen in as Jess guides you through the founding principles that she teaches drivers, while Toby shares his real-life success story.

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Here are the key talking points:

02:00 – Mutual benefit is a sponsorship essential

03:00 – Toby’s sponsorship journey (2019-present)

07:00 – Jess explains the ‘sticker on a car’ hook (spoiler: its not a hook)

08:45 – The question new drivers need to ask themselves

09:37 – Storytime: Toby explains how he found his niche

18:22 – Real sponsorship activation stories

19:45 – Why you need to understand the challenges a business can face

20:48 – Finding sponsors

27:45 – How to build your brand

37.30 – Sponsorship, day job, and a side hustle? (yes)

39:50 – Jess reminds you of the pillars to build from.

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