Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode thirty six of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to have fun with your content. Jess and Toby talk through what fun can look like to different people, and to the businesses that potentially may sponsor you. Engaging with your audience in a light-hearted manner may not come naturally to you, while some of us are unsure where to strike the balance between fun and serious content. Sharing some inspiration, and tricks, to keep your content buzzing, this weeks episode is the confidence boost we all need when it comes to finding your funny online.

Listen at the links below, or search on your favourite platforms.

This week’s episode is 34 minutes of upbeat ideas and friendly advice.

Here are the highlights:

01:22 – Are you having fun with your content?

03:14 – Enjoying (and learning) with the #RMFastFeb social media project

04:20 – Finding the fun in your content

06:00 – Why Jess loves to uses Notion as a way to make content work fun

07:55 – What we can all learn from TikTok

09:00 – 👏A reminder that you need to content plan 👏

11:15 – Where is the balance between professional and fun?

13:25 – Jess explains the ‘different brands of fun’ concept

14:19 – Toby’s take: what worked for me

15:55 – How to tell your stories

18:22 – Are you using Instagram stories? (if not, why not)

20:00 – Check out the Insta stories of driver Laura Byrnes

20:50 – The incomparable power of your voice, your smile and your natural reactions (and why you need to use them to grow your socials)

22:13 – At the top, and getting it right (Hey Lando and Daniel 👋)

24:10 – Are you trying too hard, or doing too much?

27:05 – Where next? Aim for experimenting and enjoyment in equal measure

28:00 – Can you take your audience on a learning journey?

30:40 – Driver of the week: Kyan Gohill

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