Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode thirty three of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: content types we’re bored of seeing from drivers. Jess and Toby delve into content, with a straight-talking assessment of what no longer cuts it when it comes to creating engaging social media posts for you and your sponsors. Some might call it tough-love, but stick with it; you’ll not only learn why something has gone stale, but also how you can tweak and update your content into something altogether more engaging.

Listen at the links below, or search on your favourite platforms.

This week’s episode is 38 minutes long, and frankly, it’s a must-listen for any driver with social media.

Here are the highlights:

01:30 – The reality check we can all admit to

02:20 – Storytime: Jess had some cool music industry jobs before racing came along

05:25 – Storytime 2 – Toby Trice: Breaking Bones

07:10 – Strap in! kicking off this weeks theme with a bang

08:13 – Totally get it but.. this typical post is old and tired

09:04 – Toby drops the mic early on: Your sponsors are watching

10:08 – If you want sponsors, you’re not ‘waiting’ for anything right now

11:26 – Why that shabby sponsor shoutout literally means nothing

12:07 – How to go big for your sponsors on social media

13:00 – Show not tell: are you asking your sponsor these questions?

14:30 – Looking for sponsors on social media? Here what not to do

16:47 – Why credibility is number one in racing sponsorship

17:26 – How to switch-up basic race reports

19:00 – Finding the story from the racing weekend (not just the results)

20:50 – Using video to fight attention span drop-off

21:43 – Why your viewers want subtitles on video content

23:00 – Sending it into the weekend: make it make sense or don’t do it at all

24:25 – Images are the easy win. (Why you should be brainstorming stories and captions)

27:00 – Level up your content: Racing Mentor’s Fast Feb social media project

28:50 – Sign up to #RMFastFeb here

30:46 – WWJD? This week’s *Challenge Jess* question (ask your question here)

33:11 – Why experimenting with content is the door to levelling up

34:43 – Driver of the Week: Laura Byrnes

37:50 – Nominate a driver of the week here 

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