Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode thirty two of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: how to maximise opportunities on LinkedIn. Jess and Toby chat in-depth about their own experiences with LinkedIn and navigate you through a LinkedIn journey of your own. Known to many as their nine-to-five social network, LinkedIn has a growing reputation; for intelligent conversation, thought leadership, and being ‘the’ online space for learning about the people and businesses that share your interests and perspectives. With thoughtful interactions and a consistent presence, you’ll showcase the skills and value you bring to the table, and what that could mean for the businesses you care about.

Listen at the links below, or search on your favourite platforms.

This week’s episode is 42 minutes of best-practice advice and some of your hosts’ own LinkedIn experiences.

Here are the highlights:

01:55 – Watch Jess talk about her EV road trip on the Fully Charged show

04:20 – or watch this YouTube video about Jess’s decision to buy an EV

04:50 – Do you know enough about what LinkedIn does?

07:30 – The social network for grown-up conversations

09:33 – So is it for businesses or people? (spoiler- its kinda both)

10:15 – Jess beautifully explains the hierarchy of social media scrolling

10:50 – The most important thing you can do on LinkedIn

12:45 – The fastest way to show your worth, your niche and the benefits of knowing YOU

14:00 – Toby’s take on when to talk racing with your potential sponsor (you might be shocked)

15:12 – Perspective matters when it comes to sponsorship money

16:30 – Curating your connections (why niche matters here too)

17:05 – How to be consistent on LinkedIn (narrative, stories, engagement)

21:10 – The questions to ask yourself, before commenting on others posts

23:30 – Join in: Racing Mentor presents a two-part LinkedIn webinar series

24:47 – Toby’s take on LinkedIn relationship building

26:29 – The back to basics pointers you’ll want to remember

29:25 – Storytime with Toby: no-agenda LinkedIn connections

32:00 – Toby sets some baseline standards (and why you should too)

34:25 – Building authentic rapport – a roundup

35:20 – What Would Jess Do? This week: Pitching to Lego

36:30 – Ask Jess your own question here

40:28 – Driver of the Week: Karen Jankowski

42:00 – Nominate a driver of the week here 

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