Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode thirty one of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: how to make a winning first impression. Jess and Toby talk through the facts and feelings that can influence a first impression; whether you’re meeting potential sponsors, talking on camera after a race, or joining a Zoom video call. Because first impressions tend to stick, hitting the right note each time is something you’ll want to perfect.

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This week’s episode is 37 minutes of easy-to-implement advice and best practice examples

Here are the highlights:

02:55 – Where you might make a first impression

03:35 – The golden rule you should never break

04:38 – Toby’s take on meetings held online

06:45 – How to manage that big barrier to confidence (nerves)

08:55 – Jess explains the similarities between anxious and excited feelings

09:04 – What about adrenalin-fueled podium interviews?

10:24 – And meeting in person again?

10:37 – The body language giveaway you need to master

12:40 – How to smackdown big meeting nerves

14:22 – Jess explains why you should build around knowledge

15:48 – Toby’s take

16:50 – Reviewing your online presence (they probably google you too!)

20:00 – What ‘picture’ are you building online?

22:00 – Jess and Toby share their first impressions of each other!

23:55 – Take a look at the must-read book they bonded over (partner link)

27:00 – Have you checked your tech recently?

30:30 – Owning your Zoom call background

31:31 – Tell us your first impressions story here (good and bad!)

32:20 – New feature alert!: One Big Idea (aka Challenge Jess)

35:05 – Driver of the Week: Nick Vaughan

36:46 – Nominate a driver of the week here 

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