Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode thirty of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: Staying positive when the going gets tough. Jess and Toby discuss their own experiences, including the highs and lows of 2020 and how they are approaching 2021. With a focus on finding the positive, and keeping your eyes on the prize, whatever comes your way will be something you and your team can handle.

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This week’s episode is 36 minutes of supportive stories and uplifting ideas

Here are the highlights:

01:15 – Toby and Jess talk through their latest updates

03:45 – Well well well , look who it is. (Yes, locky-d is back)

05:05 – Jess’s new EV, the Renault Zoe

06:51 – A new year of racing

07:25 – Are grids full already?

08:10 – Plan B and being adaptable

09:52 – The energy of ambitious goals (Elon Musk gets a mention)

12:00 – Making To-Do-Lists work for you

13:25 – Rejection sucks. What works to combat its power over you?

17:05 – Find your cheerleaders

18:51 – Toby’s take

20:40 – The question you have to ask yourself (after success or failure)

22:25 – How to use community success as a source of fuel

23:05 – Remember why you’re racing

24:50 – and remember that goals can change too

26:05 – How to build a positivity mindset

31:25 – Driver of the Week: Nick Gough

32:16 – Nominate the next Racing Mentor driver of the week here 

34:15 – Lets talk! 30 minute coaching calls – find out more here

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