Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty nine of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: Resetting your goals and plans for a successful 2021. Jess and Toby discuss the benefits of breaking down your 2021 goals, how to reset them after ‘that year’, and what successful drivers are doing to ensure their plans work harmoniously with their track time and sponsor goals. Commit to planning ahead and making new habits stick; everything you then choose to focus on will feel easier.

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This week’s episode is 34 minutes long, steering you onto the right path for 2021.

Here are the highlights:

02:35 – Toby’s take on starting 2021

04:20 – Jess shares some of Racing Mentor’s plans for 2021

05:22 – Goal setting

05:50 – How to tie up your on and off track goals

07:30 – What you need to remember about your Sponsors’ goals

08:07 – Write it down (the roles you have, have their own goals)

09:21 – The essentials of self development

10:45 – The ladder of success (are you mindful of yours?)

12:50 – Listen again to Episode 16 on Spotify – How to Choose the Right Championship

13:05 – Side hustles and successful small habits

15:00 – Why revenue diversity matters more than ever

18:22 – Setting your social media goals

20:20 – You cant go wrong if you focus on quality

21:35 – Do you know what your audience wants from you in 2021?

23:00 – Asking yourself these social media questions

23:18 – Racing Mentor Fast Feb is back!

23:50 – The important goal we all need to have in 2021

27:05 – The long term, big ticket benefits of showing up

30:20 – Nominate the next Racing Mentor driver of the week here 

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