Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty eight of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to write engaging email newsletters. Jess and Toby discuss getting started, finding your voice, and the ongoing task of knowing what your audience wants to hear so they stay signed up and engaged with your journey. Get this right, and you will build a loyal community that wants to see you win.

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This week’s episode is 34 minutes of creative inspiration and handy structural pointers.

Here are the highlights:

01:41 – It’s the final episode of 2020

06:10 – Toby’s take on email newsletters

07:20 – Jess intro’s her newsletters (three)

07:51 – Your audience and social media

08:51 – Three questions to ask before you get started

09:50 – This time its personal

10:17 – What does an engaging structure look like?

12:10 – Jess breaks down the Racing Mentor newsletter structure

13:35 – How to say a lot, in as few words as possible

14:55 – Should your newsletter be in first or third person?

15:32 – The benefits of using Otter.ai

16:53 – Setting up templates

18:30 – Hello consistency, my old friend

20:23 – Images, branding and newsletter exclusivity

21:38 – Yes, size matters (for your uploaded images)

22:55 – Why branding is your first layer of consistency

24:41 – Why you should be using calls to action

28:06 – Driver of the Week: George Russell

33:44 – Nominate a driver of the week here (it could be you)

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