Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty seven of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to overcome impostor syndrome as a racing driver. Jess and Toby get into the mindset blocks that can stop you in your tracks, and how to bounce back from the self-doubt that can affect us all. With a framework in place, your impostor syndrome is a manageable gremlin, that can be turned into a tool towards future success.

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This week’s episode is 33 minutes of high impact mindset management advice. A must listen.

Here are the highlights:

02:52 – We can’t decide if Toby’s fun fact is cute or creepy?

03:50 – What exactly is Impostor Syndrome?

04:37 – Toby’s take

06:00 – The devil is in the detail

07:39 – Toby talks first time meetings

09:10 – Why we are always here to remind you of your greatness

10:07 – The non negotiable: surround yourself with the right people

11:50 – The protective roots of impostor syndrome

14:43 – The power of writing it down (and then asking what’s true)

17:28 – The comparison trap (and how to escape it)

20:20 – The self fulfilling prophecy

21:27 – Remember your successes and keep them close

25:35 – Mindset matters (mental performance)

28:04 – We most likely all have impostor syndrome

29:50 – Driver of the Week: Joshua Bugembe

32:40 – Nominate our next winning driver here (it could be you)

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