Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty six of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to tell if a sponsor has budget to work with you. Jess and Toby discuss where the budget clues might be and how you might research their current spending. By understanding more about marketing, and asking the right questions during your relationship-building stage, this is an essential subject that you can approach with confidence.

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This week’s episode is 34 minutes, steering you onto a path for more comfortable conversations about cash.

Here are the highlights:

03:31 – Toby’s take on this weeks subject

04:41 – Finding clues online

05:06 – Why you should pay attention to their new employees and new clients

05:31 – What are they spending now?

07:00 – Does your offer complement what they already do?

08:33 – The specific question you need to ask

09:32 – Why you have to raise the subject of ROI

12:30 – Asking about value matters

12:58 – Pitching appropriately (what you want vs what they’ve got)

14:40 – Why you won’t always get it right (but hang in there)

16:03 – Digging deeper into the lifecycle of their business

17:01 – Toby makes a brilliant point about integrity

19:35 – Open and honest is the way to go

20:57 – How to open budget conversations

23:05 – The soft money mention that works every time

25:56 – Get confident in your offer (it really matters)

28:14 – Why not grow together? Long term sponsorships often start small

31:14 – Driver of the week: Brett Murray

33:30 – Got an idea for a podcast topic? Send Jess a message

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