Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty five of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to make the most of LinkedIn. Jess and Toby discuss what makes this networking site different, how to use it effectively as a driver, and the right (and wrong) ways to organically build your brand on there. Listen on for the best ways to grow a professional network of interested, and interesting connections.

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This week’s episode is 43 mins of networking mastery, from two people who love LinkedIn: expect success stories and tips, to help steer you in the right direction.

Here are the highlights:

04:15 – Jess and Toby quickly prove the value of LinkedIn…

05:35 – And acknowledge the LinkedIn pain barrier

06:07 – LinkedIn has changed (for the better)

07:52 – What are the latest features on LinkedIn?

08:22 – What show up on your feed? (and what absolutely doesn’t)

09:03 – The surprising news about the LinkedIn algorithm

09:35 – What you should know about the comment culture on LinkedIn

10:40 – Get involved: joining conversations and adding value

11:11 – The question racing drivers need to think about

14:05 – Should you have a LinkedIn page, as well as a profile?

14:15 – One perfect minute on why you should be on LinkedIn

16:05 – You need to hear this: What you should be posting on LinkedIn Vs what you want to post

19:17 – Effective ways to make new LinkedIn connections

23:17 – Don’t give in to it! The temptation to only post about racing is real

24:15 – You’ve made the connections, now build them into professional relationships

25:08 – Showing interest and adding value

25:55 – Jess suggests a proven opening question

28:50 – Don’t mug yourself , pace yourself (a lesson for us all)

30:52 – A five point plan for interacting

32:15 – Why you wont be pitching to everyone in your network

32:45 – Toby’s brilliant LinkedIn storytime

34:56 – How to use LinkedIn for research, and finding potential sponsors

38:01 – A final tip from Jess

39:44 – Keep learning: watch our networking webinar here

40:14 – Driver of the Week: Bradley Philpot

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