Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty four of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to make money to go racing (beyond sponsorship). Jess and Toby discuss other worthwhile income streams that could play a part in getting you on track. As we head into the off-season, it’s worth sitting down and evaluating where (and how) you want to go forward from here. Anything can happen, if you let it.

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This week’s episode is 33 minutes: full of questions, answers, and calls to action.

Here are the highlights:

01:10 – Storytime: Toby and the meat sweats (cool band name right?)

02:40 – Watch Jess on Cambridge TV’s Road Trip

03:05 – Check out Scruffy Bear Pictures

04:05 – Sponsorship gets the respect it deserves

05:36 – The time, effort, and motivation question you have to ask yourself

06:48 – Toby with a timely reminder about your current sponsor

07:45 – Listen again to our episode on time management

09:15 – Jess explains what lies beyond sponsorship

10:02 – Pre-order The Side Hustle Road Map eBook here

11:08 – Selling a product (including your own racing merch)

13:45 – How many fans or followers you actually need

15:20 – Selling a skilled (or nonskilled) service

16:05 – When Side Hustle met Sponsorship: a love story

18:20 – Become a freelancer

22:06 – Check out People per hour, Upwork, and Fiverr

24:25 – Career progression

27:47 – It (still) comes back to value

29:20 – Driver of the Week: Paul Woodford

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