Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty three of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: Top ten things to do when you’re not racing. Jess and Toby discuss the positive moves to be made during off-season (and lockdowns). Focusing on yourself is no bad thing, throw in some structure around that and the new racing season should see you return with new ideas, new energy, and new ways to move forward.

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This week’s episode is a jam-packed 44 minutes, theres no excuse here, you’ve got an action packed winter ahead.

Here are the highlights:

01:54 – Meet Cody and Jenson Trice!

03:30 – Find wildlife fan Jess on Instagram here

04:31 – Lockdown 2.0 for drivers

05:22 – Brand Development

07:40 – Do your Research

09:00 – Relationship Development

10:25 – Listen again to the Handling Objections and Closing a Deal podcasts

11:10 – STATMAN is back! (Toby talks spreadsheets)

12:17 – Get in Touch

15:30 – Sim Racing

19:50 – Getting started on Sim? Start Here

21:26 – Develop your idea and Identity

23:14 – Stuck? try episode two of the podcast : Thinking Outside the Box

24:40 – Get Consistent

25:00 – Check out Hootsuite and Buffer

27:04 – Storytime with Jess: Instagram Algorithms

29:09 – To #hashtag, or not to #hashtag?

31:17 – Create Merchandise

32:42 – Toby’s merch win

33:43 – Start a Side Hustle

39:19 – Consume Racing Related Content

39:57 – Driver of the Week: Emily Linscott

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