Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty two of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to close a sponsorship deal. Jess and Toby discuss their own experiences of closing a deal, what to listen for in sponsorship meetings, and how to develop closing confidence.

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This week’s episode is 30 minutes of essential strategy advice plus ideas for boosting your sponsorship meeting mindset.

Here are the highlights:

02:30 – New from RM: Side Hustle Series (Watch Jess’s video about it here)

03:25 – The skills you’ll need to close sponsorship deals

04:10 – Toby discusses the audaciousness of asking for the deal

04:43 – The confidence/fear matrix (and why its completely normal)

05:40 – Why you need a clear strategy for closing

06:02 – Lets quickly recap the sales process (or listen to this podcast episode about sales)

06:45 – Toby’s take on buying signals

07:31 – The number one thing you need to do in a meeting

09:05 – Handling the indecision dance (yes, but no, but yes etc)

10:05 – Are you asking these closing questions?

10:20 – Check out our objection handling podcast episode

11:55 – Preparation is your superpower

12:50 – Jess on monetary objections (yes they are tricky, but also manageable)

15:13 – Why you might need to step into their shoes

16:15 – How working within the 80/20 rule helps you win

17:50 – Why you’re missing their buying signals

19:05 – Do you know when to step back?

20:18 – Guess what? (it’s still all about the relationship)

21:02 – How to harness that handshake feeling

23:00 – Mindset preparation for first timers (and old timers 😉)

25:05 – We love to see you win! (share your wins in the RM sponsorship community)

26:00 – Driver of the week: Doug Idle

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