Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty one of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: should you go after product sponsorship or cash? Jess and Toby discuss the pros and cons of product sponsorship: what it can mean for you as a driver, deciding on the value proposition, and how you can pivot from product deals to monetary investment, further down the line.

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This week’s episode is 32 minutes: an easy-listen lowdown on the benefits (and avoidable pitfalls) of product sponsorship.

Here are the highlights:

04:44 – Jess teases details about a new RM content series coming up this winter

06:08 – Toby’s experience of product sponsorship with his partner, Purple Tasche

08:15 – The benefits of a ‘time saved’ product or service deal

09:20 – What’s in it for the sponsor?

10:10 – Some product and service sponsorship examples

10:35 – Why you need to ask yourself these two questions:

  • Does it save you time?
  • Will it save you money?

11:40 – How a ‘needs vs wants for racing’ list can clarify a products’ value to you

12:25 – The activation difference

13:15 – Are you thinking long-term?

14:20 – Product sponsorship has these limitations

15:10 – Why you should set out clear, shared expectations for the future

16:50 – Yes, you can negotiate your way to product and cash

19:01 – Important: Time is a finite resource

20:05 – Toby reminds us all about having a business mindset

20:50 – How money influences an activation-attitude

22:30 – Jess tells the truth about ‘mates rates’ and one-off low cost offers

23:00 – Don’t forget your value (and how to set it out clearly)

23:32 – How to convert your product sponsor into a monetary sponsor (spoiler: it’s about the relationship)

27:39 – Driver of the Week: Sarah Moore

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