Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode twenty of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: Growing an email list as a racing driver. Jess and Toby discuss the brand-boosting benefits of creating a newsletter, and the relationships that can develop from curating your own mailing list of engaged fans, followers, and sponsor connections. If you want to tell your own stories, this is the level-up from algorithmic social media that your brand needs (plus it’s fun too, FYI).

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This week’s episode is 47 minutes, a full-on mix of general advice and razor-sharp direction from these two confirmed newsletter advocates. 

Here are the highlights:

03:25 – Why should I grow an email list anyway?

04:09 – Glad you asked, its about value and relationships

05:50 – It’s in your hands: creating, changing, and adapting your message

07:11 – Your audience: fans, prospective sponsors, current partners

07:50 – Why this is the place to build finely-tuned fan engagement

08:15 – Defining your brand and reaching your audience

10:00 – Using your newsletter to win prospective partners

10:55 – Toby drops an oft-forgotten truth bomb about your fans

11:50 – And backs it up in style 😎

13:00 – A newsletter is your ‘regular broadcast’ (how cool is that)

13:30 – Jess breaks it down: this is a top-tier rapport-building tool

14.21 – Why newsletters are now the best place to show off your brand

15:20 – Toby tells all about his newsletter format

15:55 – Jess talks you through two current newsletter styles you could try

16:30 – As a racing driver, what approach should you take?

17:35 – Three great newsletter examples from Jess’s inbox

19:40 – Jess shares her favourite newsletter hook: a lead magnet

21:05 – Have you got a great reason for your audience to sign up? (know your value and offer it)

21:42 – Are you leaning on your niche? (you should)

22:35 – Check out these content masters: Ramit, Neil, and Janet

24:50 – Do you want an RM daily nudge in your inbox? (DM a yes to Jess)

25:48 – Newsletters v’s Social Media

29:00 – How to grow your newsletter following

29:28 – Toby talks newsletter sign-up strategy.

30:40 – Say no to growth, for growth’s sake (and the joy of unsubscribers)

32.50 – Shout about it!  Who even knows you’ve got a newsletter?

33.43 – Check out these tools of the trade: Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Substack

40:17 – A few words on responsible email list management and GDPR compliance

43:40 – Driver of the Week: Chris Threadgill

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