Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode nineteen of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to juggle racing and sponsorship. Jess and Toby discuss the essential skills needed to effectively manage your time. If you want to develop your brand, pursue sponsorships deals, and remain fully committed at work and home, then you’re not alone. This is your strategy masterclass.

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This week’s episode is 41 minutes – Toby and Jess share all their tips and tricks for keeping on track (pun intended? Yes of course)

Here are the highlights:

02:16 – Time management (boring or important?)

03:04 – Toby’s take

04:10 – Plot twist: You need to start with some brutal self-management

05:50 – A modern day horror story: overwhelm

06:25 – Toby’s chilled out trick for smashing overwhelm in the face

06:40 – How taking a break is like a restarted race

07:53 –  Why having self-awareness matters in time and task management

08:14 – The game-changing joy of list-making

08:28 – Check out Zelo, a simple (and brilliant) task and time setting tool 

10:30 – How to measure your regular tasks (Why/When/Where/How long)

12:15 – Outsourcing is hard, but do it if you can (and thank us later)

16:43 – Why you should consider getting a virtual assistant

17:40 – Ask yourself every time; Does the task need to be done by YOU?

19:02 – The helpful time-blocking productivity trick Jess uses

21:10 – Avoiding the lure of open tabs

22:05 – Using Buffer to limit your social media distractions

23:01 – Uninstall if necessary (talking to YOU, Tiktok!)

24:00 – Why accountability works

26:40 – Cool RM places to find accountability: private coaching, community groups

27:58 – Marry up tasks to your ultimate goals

29:19 – Why visualisation keeps you hungry and committed

31:00 – Using personal goals to spur you on

36:22 – Task management is lonely (but it doesn’t have to be)

37:28 – Driver of the Week: Calum Foster

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