Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode eighteen of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: How to handle objections in the pitch process. Jess and Toby discuss this dark art with aplomb; sharing their tips and tricks for maintaining confidence in your pitching, the right (and wrong) ways to manage the different kinds of ‘no’, all the while aiming to take you full circle, back to the handshake and a deal. With the right balance of confidence, genuine interest, and preparation, your partnerships can continue to flourish whatever the climate.

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This week’s episode is 31 minutes – Toby and Jess take the awkwardness out of objection handling, with plenty of sound advice for whatever verbal obstacles come your way. 

Here are the highlights:

01:40 – Need a replay of the Instagram webinars?

03:32 – Toby’s take on handling objections

04:18 – Jess talks about some very 2020 objections

05:00 – The classics (aka the objections we all know and love)

05:55 – Finding the root of the objection

07:15 – Toby tells all – objection is not rejection

07:44 – Why the relationship is the rock in any storm

08:58 – Jess explains why preparation is key

09:44 – Jess clarifies perfectly, a response to budget objections

10:50 – A reminder that scaling down is still a win

11:38 – Reconnect to the relationship, to overcome that weird objection vibe

12:43 – Really listen, do they understand your value?

13:08 – Confidence in what you do makes everything easier

14:45 – Are you genuinely interested in their business (either way, it shows)

16:05 – What are you doing to prepare?

16:50 – Let’s play objection bingo with Toby Trice!

17:10 – featuring ‘we can’t afford it’

17:45 – We can’t see where the ROI is?

20:39 – and …Call us in 6 months’ time.

21:46 – Jess helpfully explains what kind of pause this last one really is

23:10 – Should you keep the relationship?

23:55 – Check out this blogpost on sponsorship rejection 

25:18 – Handling 2020-specific objections

26:30 – Be willing to build with them, if the relationship has value

27:32 – Driver of the week: Pippa Mann

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