Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode seventeen of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: Sponsorship in the UK vs USA. Jess is joined by a guest co-host, the Seattle-based driver Davin Sturdivant to discuss the racing landscape in the USA. Davin shares more on the different opportunities available in US motorsport and what today’s racing field looks and feels like; from modern sponsor relationships to diversity and inclusion. 

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This week’s episode is 46 minutes of engaging race chat; you’ll learn so much, yet it sounds like a chat with friends. Perfect right?

Here are the highlights:

00:58 – An introduction to our guest co-host, Davin Sturdivant

01:50 – The US motorsport ladder

04:20 – Davin’s take on starting out

08:20 – Is the sponsorship journey different in the US?

08:53 – Today’s unequivocal truth: Sponsors want value in return

09:50 – Modern sponsorship in the US (no myths or legends involved)

10:30 – Why creating content matters

11:50 – Are you a clear marketing avenue for sponsors?

12:34 – The faulty perception of what you think others are doing

13:53 – Why you should work out your goals first

14:27 – The very cool low-key intro that Davin uses (its genius)

15:10 – Why relationships are the foundation of everything you do in racing

17:12 – Storytime: any valuable relationship takes time

19:18 – Why every connection nurtured, will eventually bears fruit

20:00 – Do you tie racing results to value?

21:00 – Why winning is not enough

25:00 – So does sponsorship differ in the UK vs the USA? (spoiler alert:No)

26:27 – BUT! here’s why the tax office might disagree

28:00 – How do I hop the pond and forge a racing career in the US?

31:50 – Or come to the UK (and Europe) for driving opportunities?

34:30 – Benefits of the kart-to-car route

35:15 – Diversity and inclusion in racing

38:50 – Why diverse and inclusive role models in motorsport matter to us all

42:21 – Driver of the week: Brian Smith

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