Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide for episode fifteen of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week: sim racing as a sponsorship tool. Jess and Toby discuss the fun to be had sim racing, how it can improve your racecraft and the engagement possibilities it holds for your potential sponsors. Lockdown has taken sim racing to the next level, don’t get left behind on its potential role in your success.

Listen at the links below, or search on your favourite platforms.

This week’s episode is 41 minutes of engaging sim chat; lots of fun to be had here, enjoy.

Here are the highlights:

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02:50 – an opportunity borne out of lockdown?

04:50 – The clear advantage sim racing can bring to any IRL driver

06:50 – Toby’s tale: One man, a beanbag, and a dream

09:31 – How can sim racing help sponsorship?

10:54 – In good company: Sim racing on Twitch with Lando Norris

11:30 – (and Charles Leclerc) 

12:22 – Building intimacy and engagement with sim racing

13:20 – Consider streaming if you want to grow fan loyalty

13:48 – A reminder that standing out matters here too

15:25 – Offering more than race footage

16:11 – Check out Nicki Thiim on Youtube

17:43 – Keep it cohesive by tying in your brand and niche

19:03 – The fun benefits of sim racing livery

20:55 – Using sim racing to bring your sponsor proposal to life

22:10 – Sim racing for your sponsor’s employee engagement

24:08 – Sim racing rig event ideas

26:51 – It’s not about the numbers (engagement is king)

28:48 – The undeniable benefits of sim racing for improving racecraft

29:50 – Toby’s telemetry storytime (featuring a podium finish)

34:11 – Sim racing for data, self management and race analysis

37:22 – Driver of the week: James Moore

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