Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide to episode fourteen of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week; sales tips. Jess and Toby talk tactics, confidence, questions and rapport. Think of this episode as your sponsorship negotiation toolbox, transforming the process into something you’ll confidently look forward to and succeed with.

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This week’s episode is 45 minutes of conversational structure and advice: remember to adapt and develop the ideas to suit your own style and personality. 

Here are the highlights:

02:00 – Jess’s background in sales

04:00 – It’s all about rapport

05:15 – Having a service and value mindset

05:55 – The ‘Build and Show’ structure

06:45 – Initial key questions

  • Who are the decision makers?
  • What are the goals and needs of the business?

09:20 – Toby reminds us about the importance of using ‘Features and Benefits’

10:55 – Relevant episodes you may wish to return to: 

12:36 – Confident and comfortable ways to ask money related qualifying questions

  • Do you see the value in this for your business?
  • Other sponsors pay between £X and £Y for a similar package, is that what you were expecting?
  • How much have you spent on similar marketing efforts?

15:22 – Toby shares some of his sponsor conversation experiences

17:50 – Open up opportunities for objections along the way (it’s a good thing,honest)

18:15 – The sales tactics of Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)

21:30 – Why you’ve got to follow up every time, and how to be cool while doing it

23:25 – Toby shares his mindset change to follow ups 

25:25 – The other side of following up (the prospects perspective)

26:50 – When to stop trying and move on

27:09 – Closing a deal

  • Based on what we’ve discussed…
  • When would you like to schedule a final meeting to get contracts signed?
  • What steps do we need to take next to make this happen?
  • If you’re happy with that, let’s get the contracts signed so we can move forward on confirming your livery/race tracks/catering  
  • Are there any obstacles to stop this deal happening?

30:40 – The thrill of the close and the start of a new partnership

36:12 – A sponsorship story featuring the Get Paid to Race book

37:35 – Back up a second – you need to look for buying signals first

39:10 – Some final tips for keeping the process on course

42:25 – Driver of the Week: Natalie Brookes 

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