Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide to episode thirteen of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week; Why YouTube is your friend. Jess and Toby discuss drivers on YouTube, starting your own channel, the back room functions that help grow an audience and how to plan purposeful content that engages fans and sponsors.

Listen at the links below, or search on your favourite platforms.

Setting you up with the tools and tips to start your own Youtube channel, this is 34 minutes of user friendly advice.

Here are the highlights:

02:50 – Toby’s experience starting a Youtube channel

04:00 – Planning your content

05:00 – Think long term, this is your shop window

06:05 – Your channel is your pre-introduction (a ‘printroduction’?)

06:40 – Your content might initially be rubbish, but that’s totally okay and normal

07:20 – Toby’s first vlogs

08:10 – That awkward ‘talking to camera in public’ situation

09:50 – Solutions for that fear of judgement mental block

10:45 – What equipment do you need? (and what we currently use)

12:03 – Monetizing your YouTube channel

15:10 – Content and consistency

16:25 – Check out the YouTube channels of RM Sponsorship Community member Adam, here and here

17:35 – Jess’s advice for standing out on YouTube

20:16 – Don’t hide the hard times or racing heartaches

21:17 – Using your niche and interests (check out Doug Idle on insta)

23:35 – Watch what others are doing on YouTube (with one big caveat)

24:32 – Be accessible with subtitles: How to use YouTube’s AI closed caption function (or check out rev.com)

27:40 – Repurposing YouTube content across your social media reach

30:00 – Benefits of transcribing your content

31:03 – Driver of the week: Charlie Martin (YouTube link)

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