Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide to episode ten of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week we look at some of the business skills drivers need: how to look, sound and feel like the professional partner any sponsor could confidently invest in.

Jess and Toby talk about value, mindset and introduce some of the essential tools they believe you’ll need to get a head start in professional driver & sponsor relationships.

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This is 37 minutes of method… and a little bit of madness.

Follow the highlights here:

01:08 – Business skills are non-negotiable

01:43 – Why business-minded drivers succeed

03:10 – You need a business mindset

04:10 – Remember, you are the product

04:42 – Toby’s business skills journey

06:00 – Start by investing in yourself

07:20 – Jess’s personal and professional development story

08:20 – The ‘Return on Investment’ statement you need to hear

09:45 – Setting yourself up for ROI success

10:45 – Have you planned on exceeding expectations?

12:40 – So, what exactly is a sales funnel?

14:05 – First things first: Qualify what success means to your sponsor

14:54 – Metrics and KPIs explained

18:20 – Keeping on top of sponsor communication

19:50 – Tell them what you’re doing ( this is so important)

20:10 – Make time for catch up calls

24:30 – Long-term sponsors have feelings too

25:50 – Managing your sponsorship money

27:15 – Check out Xero (accounting software)

32:00 – Tax talk

34:48 – Driver of the Week: Dave Oldacre

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