Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide to episode nine of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week is about crafting a winning email subject line; how to make the move from dry and deleted, to engaging and opened. Jess and Toby share their winners (and losers) and discuss what’s influenced their best ideas for the irresistible openers that drive clicks and conversations.

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The detail here is non stop, all the gold you didn’t know you needed in just 36 minutes. 

Follow the highlights here:

01:17 – Racing is back! Donington Park welcomes BTCC

02:05 – What does the 2020 season feel like for drivers?

04:03 – Jess introduces the subject of subject lines

05:18 – Toby’s take

06:25 – What makes a great subject line?

07:09 – Do you pique their interest?

08:15 – Toby shares some examples

09:40 – Jess’s cold/warm quickie

11:20 – Moving from social media to email

12:20 – Personalise the cold approach

13:50 – Research their tone, style and values

15:00 – The good news you need to hear

16:30 – Keep trialling new ideas

16:42 – Examples: Goal based subject lines

  • Achieve [SPONSOR GOAL] with [YOUR IDEA]

17:40 – Examples: The fast was to find their curiosity

  • A quick question
  • I have a quick question about your product launch

18:22 – Examples: Going straight to stage two

  • Are you free for a chat?
  • Let’s have a chat next week about your September launch event, I’ve got an idea
  • Meeting on Wednesday?

19:36 – Examples: The shared trait or interest

  • Hello from a fellow entrepreneur!
  • Greetings from another dog fan

21:50 – An insight into what won’t get opened

23:00 – The ‘get real’

23:40 – Keep building to something, it gives them a reason to reply

24:35 – Try try try

25:25 – Join the group to talk it out some more

25:50 – Examples: Subject lines that include genuine flattery

  • Love your work
  •  Impressed by what you’ve done
  • So impressed – Now a huge fan

26:50 – The surprising line Jess tried that didn’t work (and why)

28:22 – Toby shares a duffer as well

29:14 – Jess prescribes a fix

30:14 – Get started with three great lines

31:35 – Driver of the week: Cammie Sturch

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