Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide to episode six of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week the possibly uncomfortable and ‘I feel personally attacked’ topic of what drivers get wrong!

There’s no shame here though, as Jess and Toby own up to their past mistakes, talk about mindset changes and actually reassure us all that getting it wrong leads to learning and ultimately getting it right.

Listen above, at the links below, or search on your favourite platforms.

Just over 35 minutes this week, it’s reassuring to know we’ve all made these mistakes. Listen on to find out how you fix them.

Follow the highlights here:

00:44 – Jess reviews the results of last weeks racing mentor webinars

01:55 – How many relationships should I be pursuing at once?

03:50 – Toby’s take

04:00 – A confession from Jess about getting it wrong

04:25 – This is learning not failing

05:30 – Not talking about the benefits to them, when approaching the sponsor

06:25 – Stop talking about yourself (no one cares… yet)

07:40 – The old switcheroo

08:20 – Blanket emailing the same generic pitch

09:00 – Toby makes a great comparison that everyone can relate to

10:15 – Are you a spambot?

11:08 – The word ‘junkmail’ is used and it’s painful

11:44 – Toby’s top tip

12:25 – Why a formal email isn’t always an impressive approach

15:40 – Talk about goals

16:20 – Social media and acknowledging the follow

18:15 – Jess feeds back on acknowledgment

19:35 – Results are the proof

20:15 – The hard truth about what people do wrong on LinkedIn

21:50 – Jess prescribes the fix

23:00 – Toby’s no quibble, it just works example

24:39 – Show, don’t tell

27:00 – Watch: Netflix Drive to Survive

29:00 – Next level video content

30:00 – Driver of the week: Davin Sturdivant

32:50 – Jess makes a call to arms

34:30 – Supporting each other to be better, ask for the resource

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