Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide to episode five of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week we open up the conversation about growing an audience; something that can at times feel like a complicated task.

Toby and Jess guide you through where your audience is hanging out, how to reach them authentically and then build a strategy for the long term.

Listen above, at the links below, or search on your favourite platforms.

Both are on form! 36 minutes of clear and concise methods to engage with. Need the highlights?

Here you go:

00:00 – Reminder of the Racing Mentor webinars that tie in with the current podcast themes:

01:25 – Why focus on growing an audience?

01:55 – Toby’s take on it 

02:40 – Numbers or Engagement?

04:20 – Jess’s extreme example of the social media numbers game.

05:48 – What even is a nano-influencer?

06:30 – Jess’s 30-second crash course in understanding social media

07:00 – Toby’s got another very useful spreadsheet idea for you.

08:05 – The right kind of content (make notes here)

09:35 – A story from Jess about engagement strategy on Instagram

11:15 – The stats that show strategy works

11:35 – What exactly worked for Jess with Instagram?

13:05 – So what socials should you be on? Toby shares his favourites

14:55 – Jess’s preferred places and the reasons why

17:05 – Choose one you can nail, don’t worry about the rest

17:58 – Toby casually drops the mic with the ultimate social media ‘rule of engagement’

20:00 – The stories from Racing Mentor’s February social media challenge  (#RMFastFeb)

21:30 – How often is enough to call yourself consistent?

22:45 – Direct Email Marketing (aka: a Toby Trice love story)

23:20 – Toby’s brilliant reasoning behind his direct mail list

24:05 – You versus the algorithms (there is a clear winner) 

24:33 – Using Substack

27:00 – Does your ideal audience even hang out on social media?

27:27 – The secret life of LinkedIn

28:25 – Jess shares a linkedIn success story

33:00 – Having a strategy really does matter

34:05 – Drivers of the week: Nick Holmes, Stef Marsh and Rob Lewis from Club Racing UK

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