Welcome to the notarised quick-reference guide to episode four of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week we look at features and benefits; the dynamic duo that are the pillars of pitching success.

Jess and Toby breakdown the basics: their differences, how to use them, and how they can amplify return on investment (ROI) conversations.

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An enjoyable, easy one to follow this week. Need the highlights?

Here you go:

00:42 – Two super relevant Racing Mentor webinars are coming up in July! 

01:45 – Toby’s experience of developing written pitches (spoiler:it’s a learnable skill)

02:41 – What are features and benefits anyway?

03:47 – Jess’s easy to grasp explainer

04:35 – How research pays off and presents well with these essential pitch pillars

05:30 – Be clear and compelling when you talk about meeting their goals

07:00 – Finding the long-term value in what you offer

08:35 – Return on investment (ROI) conversations, reporting and year-on-year measurements

09.40 – Breaking down the popular features drivers offer their sponsors

10:00 – Hospitality

11:00 – The sticker on the car

13:10 – Content creation and social media

17:30 – Jess introduces the principles of the customer journey to purchase concept

19:37 – A Podium Club conversation that perfectly illustrates that concept

21:00 – A timely quick detour into targeted ads

21:30 – Setting yourself up for success

22:21 – The magnetic attraction of an unexpected race car

26:00 – Where could the car take you and your sponsor?

28:00 – Talking about ROI with your sponsor

29.45 – Your vibe is attractive in their sales environment

30:20 – Continue your learning with Get Paid to Race

31:07 – Driver of the week: Moh Ritson

34:25 – Hit us up with your comments and questions

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