Welcome to the notarised quick reference guide to episode three of the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast. This week we’re talking about research. Jess and Toby dive deep into the benefits of getting to know potential sponsors. It’s important to examine their goals and brand personality to see where a potential partnership could take you both.

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There was a lot to discuss here so expect a packed out, juicy podcast! Need the highlights?

Here you go:

01:35 – Why research?

02:04 – Toby’s approach to research

03:02 – Why you need to go bespoke

04:00 – Notice the finer details

04:27 – Start with what they’re doing now

05:27 – Toby’s first tip: Getting clever with Google

06:10 – Making things easier for you

07:15 – Jess’s approach (observations and examples)

11.15 – Toby’s ground up research tool

12:30 – Details of your free sponsorship research template (take a look at the form at the bottom of this post)

14:00 – Fix your research mindset

14:45 – Start (and end) with a question

16:35 – Jess’s top tips for getting the best out of the internet

17:25 – Smart ways with Linkedin

18:50 – Another Google hack

20:05 – Know when to fold ‘em

22:27 – Stop talking about yourself (link)

23:37 – Three important sponsor goals

26:51 – Toby’s Six Weeks to Success sponsor challenge from Jess

29:05 – Tricks of the trade: Using industry-specific publications

30.41 – Jess’s advertising hack

35:49 – The cost of print advertising and what you can learn from that

37:48 – Telling engaging stories connects brands to their goals

39:24 – Driver of the week: Keenan Tully

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