What does it mean to think outside the box? Jess and Toby talk you through digging your way out of the box, set up some challenging scenarios, and workshop some out-of-the-box answers.

We are 36 minutes for this episode, so good for a car journey if you’re back to work this week, or during your morning workout.

Listen above, at the links below, or search on your favourite platforms.

Need the highlights?

02:00 – Releasing creativity

02:50 – How Jess went got published on her terms

05:30 – What’s inside the box? (and what might be outside)

06:54 – Toby’s outside the box example

09:00 – Why you need to get everything down on paper

10:20 – One big idea is a hook

11:30 – Tips and tricks for opening up your creative brain

13:50 – What YOU can do (without the car)

14:40 – Good ideas bring pitch confidence

15:10 – Toby’s experience of strong sponsorship partnering

16:05 – Creative beginnings with Six Weeks to Success

17:10 – Jess takes on the brainstorm challenge!

17:42 – Challenge One – New brands

21:07 – Challenge Two – Product placement

23:40 – Challenge Three – Digital brand awareness

27:40 – Throwing all your ideas out there (digs you out the box)

29:30 – Scaling your idea to fit

31:35 – Driver of the week: Rally driver Cristiana Oprea

34:50 – Submit your driver of the week nominees

35:55 – Send us your feedback

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