Welcome to the Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast, an ongoing discussion on all matters sponsorship. Each week we break down a component part of the sponsorship journey, explore quick wins, give you best-foot-forward moves, and challenge you all to learn more, know more and share more.

Who are we? Jess Shanahan and Toby Trice; Jess is the Racing Mentor. While Toby is a successful alumni from the Racing Mentor Six Weeks to Success programme.

This week: Branding. Why it matters, where you’ll see its effects and what you’ll need to consider if you want to deliver a slick brand that appeals.

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01:50 – Jess’s branding story

04:09 – Beyond the logo, how far does branding actually go?

07:00 – What’s your first impression?

07:40 – Toby’s brand character

10:00 – Dig deeper: A lesson from Puma

12:50 – What’s your value proposition?

13:00 – The importance of perceived value

14:00 – Look who’s watching

16:16 – Toby’s ground-up tips and tricks

16:52 Canva.com – Jess’s (not so) secret weapon for onbrand and ontime output

20:40 – Using Trello, an online work flow board.

22:30 – I love it when a plan comes together (How effort gets rewarded)

24:38 – Driver of the week – Meet Nathan Williams, and get nominating!

25:15 – Join the conversation

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