It’s been an incredible start to the month here at Racing Mentor HQ, with the launch of our biggest course yet, the Sponsorship Success Academy.

The response across social media has been fantastic, including some fun interactions with our affiliates and partners (and yes, we have a scholarship opportunity too). After a limited early-bird sale at the end of August, the course went on general sale on September 1st. This means our student cohort is now taking shape!

You don’t need me to tell you that motorsport is a fun and exhilarating sport to be involved in. But to reap the rewards, you need hard work and consistency. This can lead to great opportunities, on and off the track.

To get ahead in motorsport and really stand out, requires confidence and a commitment to the goals you want to achieve. Racing Mentor is here to support your growth with the tools and knowledge that will skyrocket your confidence, and your career in motorsport.

Join us on the course

The first Sponsorship Success Academy begins in October and runs for 90 days, across the winter months. What can you expect? How about the ability to:

  • Maximise the time you’re able to spend on sponsorship
  • Be totally confident in what you offer
  • Take your career to the next level
  • Build a recognisable brand
  • Secure sponsorship
  • Have businesses come to you

We are limiting this season’s cohort to 50 places, to ensure all students on the course have a structured learning experience that is personal to them. You can learn more about what’s involved, or sign up here.