I’m really excited to announce that I’ve written a book!

Get Paid to Race is the ultimate guide to motorsport sponsorship. The industry has changed over the years and racing drivers need to really think about what they can offer a business beyond a sticker on a car.

Ever since I started Racing Mentor, I’ve been teaching people to think more like a business in order to obtain sponsorship. Well, this book is all that knowledge and more. I’ve spoken to successful drivers, experts, team bosses and businesses to give you real insight into the industry from all aspect and points of view. I know what I’m talking about but it’d be arrogant of me to pretend I know everything about sponsorship from all sides of the coin.

So, you’ll get experts. You’ll get me and my stories. You’ll get advice. You’ll also get practical, actionable tips that make it easy for you to get started.

You’ll learn to build an enviable and valuable audience that will have sponsors flocking to you.

You’ll learn to find a niche that makes it easier to pitch to sponsors.

Along the way, you’ll start to build your influencer status that comes with plenty of perks beyond sponsorship (hello, freebies!).

You’ll learn to think like a business, pitch yourself like a product and sell those benefits to a potential sponsor.

You’ll also get tons of tips and tricks for working out how much a business might be able to afford before you pitch.

But most importantly, the book contains everything you need to know to land the biggest sponsorship deal of your racing career.

That’s so exciting! Right?

Update: the book is now available for purchase on Amazon and from the Racing Mentor shop.

Sponsors of Get Paid to Race

As proof of concept, I decided to put the book out there for sponsorship to help with production costs (book stuff is expensive). I’m pleased to announce the first sponsor to come on board, Marc Brunel Recruitment.

Like me, the folks at Marc Brunel are dedicated to helping people find their dream jobs. They love motorsport and felt sponsorship of the book was a good way to reach a new audience while supporting the development of drivers in the sport.

I’ll have more sponsors to announce in the coming weeks.

If you’re a business looking to tap into a large audience of racing drivers, email me on jess@racingmentor.com