Racing Mentor is pleased to announce an official partnership with Toby Trice Racing. Since signing up to a Racing Mentor course in early 2019, Toby Trice is now in pole position when it comes to finding sponsorship partners and raising his sporting profile. As with any new season, there are fresh opportunities ahead: this mutually beneficial deal will see Racing Mentor continue to support Toby’s motorsport efforts.

Explaining what’s behind the new deal, Racing Mentor’s founder Jess Shanahan says: “Toby has seen huge successes with Get Paid to Race and the Six Weeks to Success course. He’s been a wonderful ambassador for the Racing Mentor brand so it made sense to make that official.”  

After three years on the karting circuit, Toby Trice was looking to step up to the next level. Initially purchasing Get Paid to Race soon after its publication at the end of 2018, Toby joined the inaugural Racing Mentor Six Weeks to Success course in January 2019. 

Based on the skills, framework and mindset changes introduced to him by Jess, Toby took the information and ran with it. Smashing even his own expectations by the end of the course, Toby had a five-figure sponsorship deal in place, securing his first season with Ginetta in the GRDC series. Looking ahead to his second race season, Toby has grown in confidence as a driver and sponsorship partner, with plenty to look forward to as his story continues.

Toby says: “This partnership is incredibly exciting. After learning the ropes of sponsorship with Jess, it is fantastic to be able to put those skills to practice and proudly benefit Racing Mentor in the same way Jess advocates.”

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