While most of us here in the UK are safely ensconced at home for lockdown three, it’s important we continue to stay connected to our fans, friends, and wider racing community. That’s why we’re running #RMFastFeb: our month-long social media project. This year it focuses on what’s truly important: the people and passions in our lives.

We promise to deliver 28 days of prompts that encourage you to make regular contact with others across social media, grow your sense of community, and shine a light on the fantastic racing that awaits us just around the corner.

Last year’s participants managed to increase their reach, gain new followers, and build more brand consistency. This year, focus on posting consistently and having fun with it. If your stats improve too, great!

Once you’ve signed up below, you’ll get a welcome email with more details on what to expect. Then every Monday, we’ll send some inspiration and advice for that week’s prompts.

Join in with Racing Mentor FastFeb on social media

Grab the 28 prompts, get access to the update emails, and get advice on how to grow your social followings in just 28 days.

We’ll be sharing our favourite posts throughout the challenge, as well as taking part on the Racing Mentor Instagram. (But you can take part on the social channel of your choice.)

As you take part, please include the hashtag #RMFastFeb and tag @RacingMentor in your posts. This will help us find you and hype you up! 🙌

That’s it. Let’s stay safe, and stay connected.