This year was my first full year running Racing Mentor and it’s been an absolute blast. Coaching drivers, creating courses and writing articles about motorsport sponsorship, careers, PR and journalism fits so wonderfully into my jet-setting lifestyle that I couldn’t have hoped for more from the business. Here are a few highlights from 2017. Share yours in the comments!

The first Racing Mentor sticker on a race car

Getting stickers onto race cars has always been a dream of mine. In 2016 I have my Turn Eight logo plastered across a Porsche and I wanted the same for Racing Mentor. This was the first of a handful to grace some gorgeous race cars in 2017.

Joining Abarth in Italy for a yacht launch


This was an amazing experience. I went to Italy and back in a day, watched a Riva yacht being launched and got to meet a special edition Abarth 695. I got to swan around in one of the most beautiful parts of the world while drinking amazing coffee and prosecco. I think this is what people dream of when they think of becoming an automotive journalist.

Road tripping around Croatia


I took a rather lovely Audi around Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a glorious trip where I explored abandoned military bunkers, got over my fear of mountain roads and fell in love with a little island called Vis. Read more about this trip in the first issue of Driven Women magazine.

Joining Abarth and Yamaha at the MotoGP

I drove a snazzy Abarth 124 Spider to Silverstone where I was wined and dined by Yamaha during the MotoGP. This was an amazing experience that got me up close and personal with a racing series I’d never experienced before.

Coaching Lewis Galer to second in the Ginetta Junior Scholarship

I’ve had a number of successful coaching clients this season but one of the most high profile has to be 14-year-old Lewis Galer. After the Ginetta Junior Scholarship in 2016, Lewis received some feedback that he needed to work on his interview and media skills. I spent a day with Lewis and his family, as well as an extra session before the event, working on confidence in front of the camera. It got him to second in the scholarship and opened up so many more doors. Full case study coming soon.

Launching the Motorsport Journalism course

I never expected the response to this to be quite so amazing. I opened up the course to early adopters and had such an amazing reaction. I’m so pleased to be joining so many of you on this journey to becoming a motorsport journalist. Find out more here.

Building Racing Mentor

Alongside all my journalism work, I’ve enjoyed building this business. It’s become more and more part of my lifestyle, career and income over the past year and I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people because of it. I have huge plans for the podcast, courses and coaching programmes in 2018. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date with what I’m doing, sign up to the newsletter below.