Working with the brightest and best is always a pleasure, so the opportunity to work with JB Data Engineering was a no-brainer. Founder Jordan Bird reached out to us in early spring, with a vision to improve his website and move forward with some new ways of working. 

Kicking off with an enjoyable day of brand development consultancy, it was soon clear there was an elemental synergy with the Racing Mentor brand. Agreeing to a partnership that shares audiences and makes introductions for the benefit of mutual clients seemed to be a wise growth opportunity for both of us.

Our consultancy work often looks (and feels) like fun, but there are some serious messaging goals behind it. Leading Jordan through a branding session and digging deeper into what the values of his ideal customers are led to a website overhaul. 

A schedule of work was agreed on. We then set out to create a user-friendly, streamlined website. It featured some modern twists that appeal to his niche audience of race teams and drivers looking to improve their results laptimes with data analysis.

We based the imagery and tone of the new-look website on the great work Purple Tasche did for Jordan. They created a new logo that features prominently on the new website and in JB Data Engineering’s teamwear.

JB Data Engineering provides data-acquisition systems and multi-level technical analysis for race teams and individual racing drivers. Jordan has had a varied career, working with teams competing in British GT, GT Cup, European Le Mans Series, and more. 

Data engineering gives drivers a better understanding of their on track performance. Understanding the data can help you find ways to improve performance during test sessions and race weekends, which translates to more podiums and wins.

Our thanks to Jordan for such a fun project, we also learned a lot — the difference data can make to drivers is a truly fascinating art! Find out more about JB Data Engineering’s services here — the link also shows off that nice new website 😎.