We can all agree that 2020 has caused shifts in thinking, accelerated change (good and bad), and had us all standing still for a large part of the year (hello lockdown 2.0!). All while trying to work out when and how to get back on track with racing… and life in general. 

Here at Racing Mentor, we looked at what we do too, and how we support your racing journey to reach your pole position seat, in your favourite series, driving your dream race car. We realise sponsorship might not feel viable to you right now, or you may want to pivot your own skills or business to become an income stream for racing. Looking forward, we decided to expand what we do, to reach more drivers, and to encourage you with new ideas and different ways to fund your racing ambitions.

Watch the video below for a little more insight into why we’ve pivoted this year.

We’ve listened to you so, today, we begin the Racing Mentor Side Hustle Series (#RMSHS), a content-rich motivational learning program for the off-season. During the next three months, we’ll guide you through the exciting process of taking your side hustle idea off the page, and into practice. We’ll cover the whole journey, from finding your idea, through gaining confidence and skills, and then ultimately, developing a viable side hustle that sells your skills or products, in-person or online. 

Side hustles should be fun and flexible. Done right, they can help fund your racing; alongside or instead of sponsorship. Whether you’re thinking big or small, 2021 is a fresh start. 

Ready to get involved? Here are some dates for your diary:

November 17th: Racing Mentor Sponsorship Podcast – How to Make Money to Go Racing (Beyond Sponsorship)

Racing Mentor’s Jess Shanahan and co-host Toby Trice talk listeners through what they’ve seen, heard, and done themselves when it comes to hustling your way onto the track. Listen here

November 24th: The Side Hustle Road Map ebook launch. You can pre-order here

The Side Hustle Road Map is your template for success. You won’t just find out what your side hustle should be and why you’re doing this but how to put it all into motion, too.

December 8th: An introduction to the Art of the Side Hustle

Want to start but don’t know have a clue? Join Jess as she takes you through the art of the side hustle on this free webinar. Register here.

January 7th & 14th: Develop Your Idea // Group Coaching

Ready to get feedback and fine-tune your idea? Jump on Zoom for a powerful 90-minute session with Jess and a private group of other like-minded side-hustlers.  Limited places available. Find the details for the first session here.

There’s lots more to come: follow the hashtag, join our shiny new Facebook group, and watch our blog and socials for more events, freebies, coaching, and side hustle ideas!

Further resources

Pre-order the Side Hustle Road Map ebook HERE (discounted until November 23rd).

Join the Racing Mentor Side Hustle Community on Facebook

Listen to episode 012 of the Podcast: Using Side Hustles to Fund Your Racing Career

2021 let’s gooooooooooo!

Get started now: Find you idea

Ready to get started? Download this free worksheet that will help you find your side hustle idea.

Ready to find your side hustle idea?

This worksheet will take you through the process of finding your idea. Whether you need to develop something you've been thinking about for a while or are starting completely from scratch, you'll come out of this with at least one solid idea.