If you were going to the gym regularly and not getting any results, you wouldn’t just keep going to the gym and doing the same thing. You’d switch it up, right?

You’d try a new routine, or hire a trainer to help you out. You might change something else outside of the gym, or take up a new sport. But you wouldn’t just keep doing the same thing hoping it’d eventually get you results. That’s just silly.

And yet, so many racing drivers are going round in circles trying the same things over and over again. The things they think they’re supposed to do that don’t actually bring any results.

There’s no use complaining that something isn’t working. You need to switch it up and try something new.

What drivers are doing wrong

The things I see drivers doing wrong on a regular basis, I tend to cover in blog posts. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the big ones with some extra advice:

Even if you’re not doing these things, if you’re pitch process isn’t working, change it up. Here’s a list of things you can change.


Start researching more deeply than you have been. Take some time to really work out a sponsor’s goals.

Take the soft approach

Instead of going in all guns blazing with your pitch, try a softer approach. Just open up the lines of communication, ask some questions. Building this rapport early on will make it easier when you do come to pitch.

Think outside of the box

Your hook doesn’t have to always be your figures or the biggest benefit you offer. It can be one incredible idea that a forward-thinking company can’t help but consider. Think a big event, a video series, a road trip that’s covered in the press, a PR stunt. Something that captures the decision-maker’s attention. Even if they don’t go for it, it could get you a meeting with the right people to talk about other aspects of what you offer.

Reach outside of motorsport

Looking solely at automotive and motorsport companies, means you’re always going to have huge competition. However, if you look outside of this, you’ve got some more options.

Look at your brand and see what other industries might be relevant to you.

Ask for help

If you’re stuck, ask for help and advice. This might be from friends and family, or it might be in the Racing Mentor sponsorship group on Facebook.

If you’re a Six Weeks to Success enrolee, you can ask others in your group for advice.

Contact on social media

An email isn’t the only way to approach a business. If you’ve had a follow from someone relevant on social media, reach out to them or start to engage with their posts. This is another important step in relationship building.

Set yourself some goals

Often when I hear drivers talking about not getting any results, it’s because they haven’t done anything yet. They don’t contact people and that means they’re not getting any responses or wins. Set yourself a goal to get the work done and do it.

Make some phone calls

Hiding behind an email is easy. If you’re not having any luck with a prospect that fits your brand perfectly, just give them a call. You can even go knocking on doors, it’s a great skill to have.

Some drivers find the right approach for them straight away. For others, it takes time. Don’t get disheartened if your approach doesn’t work straight away, there’s some trial and error involved. But if you keep doing the things that aren’t working, you won’t get anywhere.