Passion often isn’t dictated. Passion comes from trying something and falling in love. If you’re struggling to pick a path, perhaps you haven’t found what you’re passionate about yet. You might be torn between the career you have a degree in and the ‘glamorous’ life of a motorsport PR. No matter what decision you need to make, one thing is simple, you need to think about this just as a scientist would.

The hypothesis

Let’s say you’re working in a well-paid but dull job. You feel like true happiness could lie down another route but you’re not willing to take that leap because, well, what if you’re wrong?

Test it

You think you’ll be happier taking another path. OK. Great! It can be scary taking the leap and changing careers because there’s so much unknown. Testing your hypothesis allows you to eliminate some of that unknown. If you’re thinking of switching to become a journalist, for example, you can test your enjoyment of it by starting a blog.

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Make plans

If you decide to be a journalist, it might not be practical to just quit your job before you’ve built a portfolio and completed a few paying jobs. The same goes for quitting a job as a mechanic in a garage before finding a race team that wants to pay you to build an engine.

Think about your end goal, now you’ve found your passion. What steps do you need to take to get there?